The McDowall State School P&C Association (‘P&C’) is made up of parents just like you. Some work full time, some work part-time and others are currently stay at home parents with young children at home. All of them, however, are interested in actively contributing to McDowall State School (SS) for the benefit of all children who attend.

There are many official roles within the P&C, however, taking on an official role is not compulsory. Even non members are welcome to raise an issue, suggest a solution (can’t vote) and hear about school and community plans and activities. Guests such as the Local Councillor for McDowall Ward and the State MP for Everton regularly attend along with school staff members, the School Principal and Deputy Principal(s).

The McDowall SS  P&C was established in 1975 at the same time as McDowall SS. The P&C is a statutory body that is governed by State Legislation, based on the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 and the Statutory Bodies Financial Arrangements Regulation 1997 and Statutory Bodies Financial Arrangements Act 1982 Financial Act including:

The main functions of the P&C include:

The P&C is a great place to network with other parents, share information, hear what’s happening at school, get to know the school leadership team and help shape the future of the school.

The organisation chart

Download the Organisational Structure 2018

To find out more about taking on an official volunteering position see ‘Office Bearers‘ webpage or contact the President at president@mcdowallsspc.org.au.

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