How My Children Benefit

Parent involvement matters

There has been a lot of research done about benefits of family involvement in their child’s school education.
At McDowall SS, your child benefits from P&C activity in the following ways:

• Revenue raised by P&C services (Tuckshop, Uniform Shop and OSHC) and P&C fundraising is invested straight back into the school
• Access to an educational, safe and fun Outside School Hours Club (OSHC) on the school campus
Nutritious meals through the Tartan Tuckerbox (tuckshop) that comply with Smart Choices and help our children maintain energy and concentration throughout a busy school day
• High quality and smart uniforms available through the Uniform Shop that comply with Sun Smart Policy and suit the purposes of our children’s school day
• Provide advice and guidance to the School Principal on various issues when solicited.

Projects achieved by the P&C Association

Here are some examples of specific projects achieved by the P&C Association over the last 10 years:

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