Make a Financial Contribution

You can make a financial contribution in two ways:


Donating to the School Building Fund

The McDowall SS Building Fund is solely for providing money to acquire, construct or maintain school buildings. It cannot be used for any other purpose. Your donation is tax deductible. Expenditure on capital improvements and maintenance, as well as installing and maintaining fixtures are accepted outlays of a school building fund. Costs payable from a school building fund include:


• Painting and general maintenance of school buildings and buildings insurance
• Constructions or purchase expenses
• Administrative costs of the fund including bank fees and fundraising costs


Costs that cannot be paid by a school building fund include running expenses of the school, paying teachers, buying furniture and materials and maintaining sports grounds and car parks.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to the School Building fund please download the form here.

Make a voluntary contribution to the McDowall SS P&C

Each State school is resourced by the State Government through grant funding to provide a core educational service to students.

Voluntary financial contributions are used by schools to provide an enhanced educational service and to enhance resources available for student learning, recreation and comfort.

For more information about voluntary contributions please click here.

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