Uniform Shop

We are very proud of the McDowall State School uniform. In fact, the McDowall SS tartan fabric is manufactured and supplied especially for our school.

Our Uniform shop operates on Monday and Thursday mornings (with some additional opening times in peak times). The uniform shop has all uniform needs (with exception of shoes), as well as other school items such as chair and library bags. We also carry basic stationery. Download our current price list.  We also hire band vests, see the policy and hire form here.

How to Order

Mondays and Thursdays 7.45am – 9.30am – over the counter sales and Flexischool orders accepted.



Flexischools online ordering system eliminates the need for you or your child to go to the Uniform Shop to purchase items. Orders can be made up to 2 weeks in advance. As purchases are made, the funds are taken from your prepaid account. The account can be topped up or set to automatically top-up via credit card when the balance falls below a preset amount.

Problem with your account? You can phone FlexiSchools Customer Service on 1300 361 769.

Uniform Shop Volunteers

Our Uniform Shop is run by Mrs Karen Cross, Uniform Shop Convenor (employee of the McDowall SS P&C Assoc). Karen requires volunteers to assist her with serving at the uniform shop. If you are free on Monday or Thursday morning (Approx. 8.15am to 9.30am) then Karen would love to hear from you.

Ph: 3872 5304 Email: uniformshop@mcdowallsspc.org.au


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